15 07 2010

I rarely declared my self to be the fans of someone. I’m not a very fanatic person, actually. But, there are some persons that I adore so much. I wish I could meet them, someday.

Yup, Bastian Schweinsteiger is my ‘priority’ for now and ahead. Lol! I admire thisĀ  Germany’s midfielder since 4 years ago, on World Cup 2006. Me and one of my best friend were wishing to meet him someday! And we’ve set it as our priority! hahahaha

Wow, who doesn’t know this madam. Yeah, she created a best friend for me, and then she took it away, hiks… I miss my friend, Harry Potter. I’m so sad that he’s gone. JK Rowling is my favorite novelist! :)

I’m always lost for words when someone asked about this kid! Patton Otlivio Latupeirissa. He’s one of the contestant of kid’s singing contest. He’s so adorable! He has a very beautiful voice on that very young age. Actually I’ve ever met this kid several time. But I always wanted to meet him and hear his voice over and over again. :)

I love 1 night 2 days. This South Korean variety show is very entertaining and educating. I wish the tv show makers in my country could think about creating the great show like this. I love all the members of this show, each of them had a very unique character. But, if I have to sort them from the person I wanna meet the most, the list is like this: Lee Seung Gi-MC Mong-Kang Hodong-Eun JiWon-Kim Jong Min-Lee Seu Geun-Kim C. :)